Traffic Control

Thomas Barriers will deliver the latest steel barrier technology for permanent and temporary bridge and construction projects, as well as special events.

BarrierGuard 800® is the Best Choice for Bridges


In the United States there are currently over tens of thousands of structurally deficient or functionally obsolete bridges. The Federal Government is seeking to provide funding for the replacement of these bridges that often leads to the decision to rehabilitate the bridge.


BarrierGuard 800® has been used on hundreds of bridge projects across the US and around the world. Often used as a permanent, semi-permanent (2-10 years) or short duration barrier (weeks to months) BarrierGuard 800® is the industry leader in protection of bridge workers and the motoring public.


Not all steel barriers are created equal. An important factor when considering which steel barrier to use on a bridge is shape of the barrier. A smooth wall face without protruding feet or wavy sides is desired in most bridge applications.


By offering a smooth step profile wall face, narrow 21” footprint and the option of internal anchoring there is less chance of minimal snagging by snow plows or injury to motorcyclists who brush against the barrier.

Dead Load Weight

60-90 pounds per linear foot.


Minimum Deflection System (MDS) deflects less than 1 inch with 20-foot anchoring

Barrier Deflection

Less than ONE INCH deflection when anchored every 20 ft. with MDS.

Narrow Footprint

21” base width, maximum roadway travel and work zone space.

Sarah Mildred Long Bridge

Maine/New Hampshire borders: Over 5000 feet of BarrierGuard 800® was installed to protect the guardrails and allowed for uninterrupted use of the bridge.

Bedford, Massachusetts

BarrierGuard 800 is used to isolate construction site to control traffic within parking lots.

New Jersey

1,000’ of BarrierGuard installed on swivel bridge to control traffic and enable uninterrupted use.