BarrierGuard 800® MDS

The Performance Leader

An alternative to portable concrete, the BarrierGuard 800® MDS (Minimum Deflection System) is a safe, lightweight, steel, FHWA TL-3 approved barrier.


BarrierGuard 800® MDS when impacted at 62mph at 25 degrees, will deflect less than ONE INCH.

Minimum Deflection System Size Specifications

  • 36¼” (915mm) tall
  • 18⅝” (474mm) wide at top
  • 21″ (533.4mm) wide at bottom
  • 1¼” (31.75mm) clearance for drainage
  • ASTM 123 Galvanized for long product life
  • Anchored every 20 feet


  • Less than 1″ deflection at base
  • Lowest deflection of any steel barrier
  • 20+ year life cycle (with normal usage)
  • Reduce “dead load” weight on bridge decks
  • Transitions to concrete, guardrail and all industry standard end treatments
  • Bridges – less than 5” anchor depth available


  • Methuen, MA Project for ET&L Corporation on I-93
  • Littleton, MA Project for SPS New England, Inc. on I-495

BarrierGuard 800® MDS Installations

MDS Bridge Installation
MDS Bridge Installation
T-Top / MDS System
T-Top / MDS System