Variable Length Barriers

Adjusts Instantly

The Variable Length Barrier (VLB) is designed to provide continuous TL-3 steel barrier protection across bridge expansion joints, overpasses or wherever excessive barrier expansion and contraction is anticipated. Hydraulic piston and spring activated system applies tension when barrier is impacted by errant vehicle keeping bridge workers safe.

Variable Length Barrier Size Specifications

  • 36¼” (915mm) tall
  • 18⅝” (474mm) wide at top
  • 21″ (540mm) wide at bottom
  • 1¼” clearance
  • 63″ long in neutral position
  • 7″ expansion
  • 7″ contraction
  • 14″ of total movement
  • ASTM 123 Galvanized for long product life


  • Bridges
  • Overpasses

Variable Length Barriers Installations

Typical VLB at Expansion Joint
Typical VLB at Expansion Joint