Rapidly Deployable Fencing System

Rapidly deployable fencing system (RDS) is ideal for crowd control during events, concerts or whenever protection of critical infrastructure is required. The RDS system offers a temporary rapidly deployable surface mount fencing solution preventing vehicular or pedestrian penetration of your perimeter. Tested to PAS 68 at three different risk levels, our system can be upgraded to meet your threat assessment.


A modular design using 8ft high fence panels and SecureGuard® CB concrete blocks allow for installation or removal in a matter of minutes.


Fencing capabilities also include monitoring systems such as CCTV and PID for identification of hostile persons or vehicles.


  • Rapidly deployable
  • Surface mounted – no sub-surface foundations
  • Vertical height up to 8ft
  • Available with Hi Sec fence panels
  • Suitable for moderately undulating ground
  • RDS PAS 68 systems have a range of performances to suit differing risk levels
  • Ideal for urban sites and non linear alignments
  • RDS PAS 68 systems are available for rental or purchase

Fencing Installations

SecureGuard® Fencing
SecureGuard® Fencing