SafeZone™ Pin Down

Best & Smartest Road Safety Solution

The only temporary steel barrier currently available that is approved for ASTM F2656-16 Penetration Level and offers optimal safety. SafeZone™ is the most durable, flexible and smart barrier system available.


Safety is our number one priority. By creating SafeZone™, we offer road workers and drivers optimal protection. SafeZone™ is the only ASTM F2656-16 approved temporary steel barrier on the market. Our unique and patented system has successfully passed penetration level performance tests at ASTM F2656-16 levels, including various limits in deflection. This means SafeZone™ can handle an impact velocity of 62 mph and an impact angle of 15 degrees.

  • ASTM F2656-16 Penetration Level
  • Impact velocity up to 62 MPH
  • Low working width from 37″


SafeZone™ is a premium road safety system, based on modular elements. The flexible and lightweight barrier is made of extremely robust hot dip galvanized steel, optimally combining robustness with flexibility. SafeZone™ elements are very easy to connect, offering ultra-quick placement.


Placing your SafeZone™ barrier is done in no time! Just drop one barrier element over the connector of the previous and fix the pre-installed bolt. This ensures the sections to remain securely fastened at all times. To enable even quicker placement on the road, it is possible to have two or three sections permanently connected to form longer sections to be placed at once. In addition, connector holes on top of the SafeZone™ barrier allow for the easy addition and installation of no cut/no climb fences. Distance between holes is 57″ (1450mm).


There is an extensive range of accessories available for SafeZone™, such as angle pieces, variable length barriers and connection pieces for guardrails, crash attenuators and our BarrierGuard 800.


Looking for premium safety and optimal flexibility in road safety? SafeZone™ is the best solution for the construction and roadwork market! This unique patented and tested steel barrier system for work protection and lane division was specifically designed for the MASH market. Benefit from the optimal flexibility of SafeZone™ for all of your temporary projects, or use the solid and robust system as a permanent road safety solution.


Offer both road workers and drivers optimum safety with SafeZone™. The barriers, made of hot dip galvanized steel, show very little wear and tear and therefore have an expected lifespan of over 20 years.

  • Lightweight
  • Robust due to high strength steel
  • 20+ Expected Lifespan